Pets are not products, they are not commodities, they are living, breathing, creatures, that bring companionship and love into our lives. Pets are for life – so choose the right breed for you, and buy from the right breeder.

Our goal is for happy, healthy, well socialised pets bred by reputable breeders to be placed into quality forever homes. Homes that understand what is involved with raising a pet, the training, the cost of food and quality care, but most of all, homes that provide the love and companionship these pets need.

These pets are bred by reputable breeders, ones that educate themselves and the buyer, that perform genetic testing on their breeding animals, feed quality food, offer quality care and home them in suitable environments.

The issue many buyers have had, is how to find these breeders. The ones who care, who will be there in 3 years when you contact them with a question and love to see their babies growing up.

And this is why Pedigree Pets was created. To provide a place for buyers to find those breeders.

But how do you know they’re a reputable breeder? How do you know you are not buying from a puppy mill or a kitten farm?

Feedback is an important part of this process, in providing independent reviews for each breeder, which effectively showcases the good breeders.

Pedigree Pets includes puppies for sale, kittens for sale, cats for sale & dogs for sale. It also allows for breeder to breeder transactions.

Pedigree Pets is a place where registered breeders are able to sell their pets using a platform that is transparent, comprehensive and designed to create trust. 

It is open to all REGISTERED breeders in New Zealand, Australia, USA and the UK.