Breeder FAQ's

What exactly is Pedigree Pets?

Pedigree Pets is a platform aimed at bringing transparency to the breeding world in order to link quality homes with reputable breeders. Its about showcasing breeders who are open, honest and willing to be part of the revolution. Its creating an environment where puppy mills and kitten farms have no place and where the health of the animal always comes first.


You have a huge waiting list, your own website and Facebook page – why should you use Pedigree Pets?

  • Make your reputation visible!
  • Become part of the global Facebook community.  
  • Differentiate yourself from puppy mills & kitten farms.
  • Facebook & Instagram marketing showcasing Pedigree yours!

The problem with having your own website or waiting list, is that there is no way to provide validity over your past history. It also becomes time consuming tracking pets in their new homes. Pedigree Pets will enable you to work with your own list of approved buyers, and provides a platform to enable feedback on previous pet sales. It will help you track the pet's health, throughout its life and create a link with their owner. It provides transparency over the process - and breeders with nothing to hide are generally the best breeders!

I don’t want to “sell” my pets, I want to find them homes. I want the choice.

Yes! That’s what reputable breeders do! That’s why, at Pedigree Pets the decision to accept a buyer is yours. You can pick and choose from the buyers that contact you. Pedigree Pets also runs your waiting list (approved buyers) for you – keeping everything in one place.


How do buyers get in contact with me?

Buyers need to be registered on the site in order to contact you. They do this by commenting on your pet listing or on your breeder profile in the breeder directory. Once they've commented you will then be able to see that buyers profile and photo's if they've uploaded them. You can ask questions, and when you are happy can add them to your approved buyers list - effectively your waiting list. When pets are available you can match them to the pet, by first reserving them (while awaiting a deposit), and then marking them as sold once the process is complete. Once sold you will receive the buyers contact details. 


Does it cost me to register?

No, as the site is currently in its infancy there is no cost to join at this time. Once fees are implemented you can choose whether PedigreePets is for you.  


What if I have feedback on the site?

Email us – The site is built by breeders for breeders to use, so all feedback is welcome.