Pedigree Pets – The New Kid On the Block!

It’s the new kid on the block, and you may be wondering what is so special about it?   

Pedigree Pets is unique – its goal is to link quality homes with reputable breeders. A lofty goal to be sure, but the million dollar question is HOW?

This is where it’s quite brilliant in its simplicity. It achieves this by bringing TRANSPARENCY to the breeding world. This transparency is achieved through the following principles:

  • Gathering Information. Pedigree Pets asks screening questions of both parties at registration. Breeders are asked to provide information about themselves and their breeding practices, while those looking to provide homes are asked about the type of environment, other family members (human and otherwise), familiarity with the breeds and ability to cope with the exercise requirements.


  • Feedback. Every pet owner is asked to provide feedback on their experience with the breeder, and with the ongoing health of the pet. It is not simply a one-off transaction, this is a new family member being brought into the home.


  • Education. Let’s be realistic. The pet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and with that comes high-priced marketing campaigns, all designed to get you to buy their product. But, is it a good product? Is it what your pet needs? Pedigree Pets is built on a foundation of ethics, providing information based on the best interests of your pet, not on those who have the largest advertising budget.


At Pedigree Pets, the animals listed are not products, they are not commodities – they are living, breathing, FEELING creatures that bring companionship and love into our lives. Choosing a pet is a huge endeavour! It’s not just about looks – it’s about how that pet will fit into your life, because these pets are a lifelong commitment.

Pedigree Pets will help you choose the right breed, connect with breeders and homes, and help to build a platform that is built on trust and transparency.

It will also help you to understand what a breeder does, how to select one that is right for you, and what to expect through the process.

Pedigree Pets