Jayallwend Henry

Oriental Shorthair

Palmerston North, New Zealand

Jayallwend Henry - DOB 2/2/2017

Ebony Oriental Shorthair, 4 years old. 



Henry is such a sweet soul, he's a shy, reserved boy searching for HIS special person, someone that can be just his. In his previous home, while he got along ok with the other cats, he would sometimes be a bit rough, he's a big boisterous boy. 

He can be quite sensitive, like many of his breed and can pick up on stressors in the home. In this instance there were some medical issues with his previous owners which caused him stress and his way of communicating this was to pee inappropriately. It wasn't often, once every few months or so, but since we've had him with us in Levin, we haven't had an issue at all.

We are looking for a wonderful new home for him, somewhere where he has freedom to wander outside and play in the garden and climb his trees. A special person who wants someone to love him, spend time with him and bring him out of his shell. 

If you think you can provide him a home, please get in touch.  

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