Siamese Blue Pt & Lilac Point Kittens

Blue & Lilac Point

Duncraig, Australia

I am a Registered Breeder of Siamese Cats. They are purebred and their parents have papers certified pedigree papers. My cats and kittens are registered with COAWA. I am also Registered with the Joondalup Council, Western Australia

I raise my kittens with the utmost love and affection. My kittens are not brought up in cages, they are born in my bedroom. They sleep in our beds and are cuddled from day one to ensure happy, confident and outgoing personalities. Once toilet trained they have the full run of the house.They are raised around my child with many visits from her neighbouring friends, they are also exposed to my companion cats without issue and are well socialised.They have been brought up on a varied diet of high-quality food to ensure optimal health and non-fussy eaters.All Kittens come with a special care package to take to their new home for new adoptees that live locally.My kittens are fun loving, talkative and will steal your hearts with their affectionate nature.My kittens are vet checked, vaccinated x 2, microchipped, worm/flea free and litter trained and desexed. Most importantly they are all very healthy and well adjusted.Whether you want a cat or kitten to show at cat shows or want an affectionate and loyal companion cat, be assured that if it comes from Siamhappy Cattery they are of a high standard and are extraordinary cats. All Siamhappy cats are precious to me and I know that any prospective parents will be delighted with them and will have something to love and cherish always.These wonderful kittens are brought up indoors only unless they have access to an enclosed patio or cat run, and I would like the new parents to be responsible for keeping them indoors and out of danger.FB: 7.03.2019 - Ready for their forever homes in 2 - 4 weeks time.What I have available now:2 x Blue Point Siamese Female Kittens.3x Lilac Point Siamese Female Kittens


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