What is a breeder?

Well, let’s see, this is going to depend on what type of breeder you have found, and will vary slightly around the world.

The different types of breeders:

Backyard breeder – this term is given to a breeder who is considered substandard. One of the primary reasons is because they are not a member of a registering body that has a code of conduct in place, along with rules and regulations for breeders to follow. The registry also records the history (ie pedigree) of the pet’s lineage.

Hobby breeder – these are the breeders who do it for fun, it’s the pure enjoyment of the breed. They usually only have a couple of breeding pets, restricted to one or two breeds and may work in conjunction with other breeders, which helps keep their numbers small. These people generally have some form of paid employment which provides their primary source of income, which is usually used to provide for the pets they breed. They don’t do it for money, with their prices only just covering their costs and all put back into providing for the animals in their care. They are registered with a local body, often participate and volunteer at shows, and may have a (human) family as well. Because this is not their business, they may not be as prompt to respond as other breeders.

Business/Commercial breeder – these are the breeders who are running a business. They have enough pets for this to be their part time or full time role and spend a lot of time caring for their pets.  They are registered with a local body, often participate and volunteer at shows, and may have a (human) family as well. Note – some countries require all breeders to be licensed as a business.

Puppy Mills & Kitten Farms – these are breeders who are in it for profit. They have multiple animals (note – animals, not pets), they may or may not be registered, and have multiple pets available often across multiple breeds. These people are concerned with increasing profit margins, and will often feed cheap, substandard food, and scrimp on vet visits to the bare necessity. Often kept in poor conditions, the breeding animals do not have a good life, and for the new owners unfortunate enough to buy from them, neither do the progeny of these pets, often plagued by a variety of ailments throughout their (usually short) lives. They will often use the same photo’s over and over, and the one in the photo, may not be the one you get.

You can see quite clearly from the above, that the breeders you want are the hobby breeders and business/commercial breeders. A hobby breeder will often have a long waiting list as they have fewer litters, whereas a business breeder will usually have more availability.

As with all things though, each breeder will do things a bit differently, you need to find one that suits you.