Average Size: Medium

Average Height: 20cm

Average Weight: 7kg

Life Expectancy:  15 years

Activity Level:  Average

The Cymric (pronounced Kim-rick) is specifically bred to be tail free. The Cymric’s coat is easily cared for with brushing or combing a couple of times a week to remove dead hair and distribute skin oil. Check the rear end closely to make sure faeces aren’t clinging to the fur surrounding the anus, and clean it if necessary to prevent the cat from smearing faeces on carpets or furniture. The Cymric has a long, soft, silky double coat that comes in many different colours, including various solids, tabbies, tortoiseshells and calicos.


They have fine hunting skills and an alert nature. They are very protective and will growl threateningly or maybe even go on the attack at the sight or sound of anything out of the ordinary. If they see that you aren’t alarmed, they’ll settle back down. When they're not in ‘gaurdcat mode’ the Cymric are very mellow, even-tempered and affectionate and they enjoy serene surroundings. The Cymric has an adaptable nature if they are exposed to activity and plenty of people as young kittens. They enjoy meeting new people, greeting them with a gentle nudge, and they easily adapt to a new home or family if such an upheaval in their life is necessary.

Cyrmic cat

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Palmerston North, New Zealand


Wellington, New Zealand

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